Best driving insuctor, highly recommended ——— Abdul Basit Rehman

Teching eveything about driving in a very special way——-Delmi Prince Myladoor

Great & friendly Instructor…very helpful especially in my weak areas…great advisor..highly recommended——–Avneel Singh Bahadur

Great & friendly Instructor——–Leanne Adwards

I reckon Faisal is on of the best instructors in the area.. Unlikely any other instructor I have come across, Faisal makes passing the test seem like a easy thing do – if you just stick to the rules! He exactly knows what he is doing & knows the area & the roads back to front! He was patient & taught me exactly what I needed to know, previously I had some terrible experiences with instructors but Faisal is so easy going & believes in your ability to master all the rules in no time!——–Beena Imran¬†

I recommended best instructor ….very helpful & friendly nature..———–Payal Malavia

A big round of applause to Faisal 0 who guided, supported, taught me all the way through to the succession of my driving. Highly recommended. He is such a good instructor. He is very friendly and you never ever ever feel nervous with him. His lessons are worth the money you pay. Once again, highly recommended———–Rosaline Kyle Virgo

One of the best driving instructor in this area. Gives detail attention to every small aspects of driving which is very crucial for the test. Extremely patient with his students and does not give up easily. Highly recommended———-Souvanik Mukherjee